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The Nightmare Before Christmas

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RockLove Jewelry Features Licensed Pieces from your Favorite Fandoms!

RockLove Reviews


The photos don't do these justice! The beauty is in the details: 3 dimensional tentacles and shells, purple stones on the tentacle suckers, the different polishes on the pieces, the textures just bring these to life! The box is beautifully made, and let's you know what you're about to open is something special. 
I recommend these to anyone who wants something well made, unique, and honoring The Little Mermaid in a grown up way.


This piece is truly art!! It has a beautiful finish to it and hangs so lovely. If you are debating about buying, buy it. I swear you will no be disappointed. ♥️☠️🍎


Allison's designs are absolutely stunning. I'm delighted that her jewelry is classy and elegant for adults to wear every day. I can carry a bit of childhood whimsy with me and show support for my fandoms as a grown up. I want a piece from every Disney movie! Thank you Allison and RockLove Jewelry! You're incredible!