Designed by RockLove in official collaboration with Pokemon Center and available exclusively through official Pokémon Center.

The Pokémon cartoon first broadcast in the United States in 1998 and it quickly became a top favorite in our household growing up. My younger brother collected the cards and played Pokémon tournaments, while my baby sister and I would repeat all the words to Team Rocket's motto, and the three of us would race to solve 'Who's That Pokémon.'

Known in the industry for creating some of the hippest collaborations with street and scene artists and brands, our growing partnership with Pokemon is an incredible honor! In addition to our Pokémon X RockLove collection launched in 2019, I was invited in 2020 to create a second collection, the Pokémon Center X RockLove line, exclusively sold by the official!

Beginning with six new Pokémon, the Pokémon Center X RockLove series has quickly became a fan-favorite!  Since then, the demand has been insatiable, and the collection currently includes fifteen beloved jewelry pieces, with many more on the way for 2022!

Allison Cimino
CEO & Designer of RockLove

Pokémon Center X RockLove 2020: Master Ball Locket, Gengar Necklace, Gengar Earrings, Espeon Necklace, Umbreon Necklace, Mimikyu Necklace

Pokémon Center X RockLove 2021: Rose Gold Mew Necklace, Rose Gold Mew Earrings, Rowlet Necklace, Piplup Necklace, Mudkip Earrings, Dragonair Bracelet, Wooloo Necklace, Lapras Necklace, Ponyta Necklace

Pokémon Center X RockLove 2022: Coming Soon!