Jewelry Care

How do I care for my jewelry?

Nickel-Free Sterling Silver: RockLove jewelry is hand crafted from the finest nickel-free sterling silver (925). It will not give you a base-metal allergic reaction, will not rub off on your skin, and will not turn green.

No Water, No Bed: Be reminded that the pieces are purposely antiqued in various gradients for stylistic affect. We recommend you do NOT wear these pieces in the shower or a chlorinated pool since chemicals, soaps, and other body products can cause your jewelry to tarnish, plating to fade, or even damage the stones or pearls. We also recommend you do NOT sleep in these pieces since any loose jewelry can become entangled, snagged, and possibly broken; plus it is a precaution for your own safety.

Artisan Brass: RockLove also works in artisan brass and bronze - oxidation depends greatly on the wearer's skin acidity. Black or green tarnish typically occurs when the metal is exposed frequently to sweat, showers, and swimming pools, however this oxide washes off the skin with soap and water, and it wipes off the piece with a bit of toothpaste (minty fresh, not heavy whitening) or a standard jewelry polishing cloth.

No Chemical Cleaners: Do not use electrosonic or chemical cleaners on your RockLove jewelry (sterling or brass!) - it will remove the blackened details and damage plating and enamel.

Use a Polishing Cloth: Instead, use a jewelry polishing cloth, preferably with tripoli cleaning compound infused in the inner fabric, and then an outer sheet to polish. We recommend polishing with something *LIKE THIS.*

Broken/Damaged Jewelry

If you have purchased a RockLove item from a third party, all returns and exchanges must be handled though that retailer.

Warranty: Jewelry purchased through has a warranty of up to 15 days after receipt... anything truly defective usually presents in the first wear. Please email with photographs of the issue for our review. Items damaged by prolonged wear or catastrophic trauma (snagged violently on clothing, stepped on/slammed, gold plating worn off by exposure to chemicals from shower, swimming pool, lotion, soap, etc) do not fall under RockLove's return/exchange policy.

Please read the above FAQ about jewelry care - gold & rhodium plate, gemstones, pearls, etc. are affected by soaps, lotions, perfume, oils - there are so many different chemicals compounds, even in natural products, that it is impossible to isolate what products may strip plating. Please avoid these chemicals as RockLove is not responsible for replacing your jewelry if damaged in this manner.

If your jewelry has been well-loved, a local jeweler should be able to reset your stone, replace your chain/clasp, or replate your gold. Google local jewelers in your area.

Broken/Damaged Packaging

RockLove's packaging is a beautiful enhancement to the customer experience however it is not the product. Defective jewelry will be replaced immediately but damaged exterior packaging is not valid for exchange, refund, or discount.

Alterations & Customization

Officially Licensed: All licensed product goes through a rigorous approval process that can take months to years: sketches, sculpts, sampling, compliance testing, durability testing... every step ensures that the final item honors the storytelling and quality of the franchise it represents. Physical sculpt, chain length, chain type, finish, plating, enamel, size, price - these are all decisions made by designer/jeweler Allison Cimino.

Alterations: RockLove does not alter officially licensed product. Any changes a customer desires to make must be made themselves (or preferably with a local jeweler) and technically diminishes the jewelry from officially licensed status.

Chain Lengths: RockLove often chooses lengths that best accommodate a multitude of body types. However understandably, what is too short on some is too long on others. Customers are welcome to swap the chain to something else, but must do it themselves (or with a local jeweler) and are encouraged not to alter the pendant itself.

Ring Sizing

Finding Your Ring Size: Rather than using online print-and-cut paper sizers, it is honestly best to go to a professional... any jewelry store or pawn shop will have a ring sizer which they can slip on your finger right there. Be sure to size the finger you want to wear it on because your dominant hand (writing hand) is typically a little bigger.

In-Between Sizes: Choose whichever size you are closer to (Example: 8.75 should choose a 9 while an 8.25 should choose an 8). However when you are exactly in-between, it often depends on the shape of your knuckle. Rings can be more easily made larger, but should be stretched by a professional jeweler. If you are exactly in between sizes, order the smaller size and then your local jeweler can enlarge it.

International Size Converter: After confirming your size with a professional, you can convert to US sizes *HERE.*