Our Story

Before founding RockLove, Allison was a musician, dancer, and theatre performer.

In this scene, when two artists across disciplines were mutually inspired to collaborate, they earned the nickname “rock loves.”

Be it music, dance, acting, writing, filming, producing, and more, it was the term used when creatives found mutual appreciation for each others’ talent and united to forge something exceptional.

I'm Allison Cimino,

The Founder and Designer of RockLove.

Our Mission

Since 2007, I have been on a mission to create beautiful, clever, and inclusive officially licensed jewelry. It all started by having an allergic reaction to a nose ring, which inspired me to study in Florence, Italy, learning how to hand craft precious metals from scratch so I could wear creations I could trust. That's why our jewelry is always nickel-free for sensitive skin!

Our Team

Female Owned and Operated

In the beginning, it was a one-person business and my first licenses were collaborations with authors, musicians, and charities. As the brand grew, so did the fandoms, and so did my wonderful team.

Our Journey

And here we are, over 16 years later! I still design every single piece of RockLove, and while we now have a dream-lineup of franchises, authenticity and quality continue to be our highest priorities as we celebrate the characters, the worlds, and the stories we love.

Thank you!

I am so grateful for your support