Prior to diving into RockLove full-time in 2008, Allison cut her teeth in the fashion world through a study abroad while in school at Oberlin College. Under careful tutelage in Florence, Italy, Allison was able to not only hone her skills as a craftsman, but also fuel her passion for history and the inclusive nature of accessory design. Following graduation, Allison took to the streets of the Diamond District in New York City to learn how business and her intimate knowledge of construction could elevate a brand beyond expectation. Equal parts artist and entrepreneur, Allison melds her love of storytelling with her keen eye for the marketplace; RockLove was born. With ideas rooted in historical and literary inspirations, she intrinsically dreams up her next best-selling design (quite literally – a sketchpad rests beside her pillow) and applies age-old techniques with engineered articulations to develop a unique and highly sought-after signature style within the licensed jewelry segment.

From celebrities wearing RockLove in magazines and music videos to the British Museum carrying her exclusives in their gift shop, RockLove has been hitting all the right notes in handcrafted sterling silver since the beginning. It was not however until CBS called upon Allison to create a line of Star Trek jewelry in 2014 (a passion project of hers, having been a Trekkie since age seven) that propelled her into the current licensing deals that have brought RockLove center stage. With an ever-expanding repertoire of franchises, which now include Disney X RockLove, Marvel X RockLove, Star Wars X RockLove, Pokemon X RockLove, DC X RockLove and more, RockLove honors these beloved franchises through sophisticated and clever design, with authenticity and artistic integrity as the foundation of the brand – a cornerstone since Allison only creates collections for which she is personally a fan.

Today, Allison continues to explore the evolving relationship between fashion and fandom and speaks frequently about the licensing industry and her efforts to marry these elements with elevated design.

About RockLove Jewelry