Riot Games X RockLove

Designed by RockLove in official collaboration with Riot Games and available exclusively through the official Riot Games Store and the RockLove Website.

Founded in California in 2006 by two college roommates, Riot Games is the ultimate underdog entrepreneur success story. The founders bonded over their mutual love of video games and launched their own gaming company with minimal funding from family and angel investors.

An entire game studio from such humble beginnings, Riot Games is best known for League of Legends. Since inception, the company has gone global, adding other games, a virtual girl group K/DA, and operates Esports leagues worldwide. The League of Legends World Championship is the annual professional tournament, includes a multi-million dollar prize, and was watched in 2018 by nearly 100 million people!

I am thrilled to be collaborating with Riot Games, creating their premium jewelry line for League of Legends, K/DA, Arcane, Coven and Valorant. Some design are exclusively sold by the official Riot Games Store while others will be available right here on!

Allison Cimino
CEO & Designer of RockLove

Riot Games X RockLove 2020: League of Legends Stealth Ward Necklace, League of Legends Vision Ward Necklace, League of Legends Wiggly Tongue Poro Necklace, K/DA Evelynn Skull Bag Charm, K/DA Akali Kama Necklace, K/DA Ahri Heart Hoop Earrings, K/DA Kai'Sa Crystal Cannon Ring

Riot Games X RockLove 2021: League of Legends Lucian and Senna Necklace Set, Coven Morgana Necklace, Coven Morgana Earrings, Coven Morgana Ring, Arcane Armillary Pendant, Arcane Jinx Chomper Necklace, Arcane Firelight Ekko Ring, Arcane Mel's Earrings, Arcane Mel's Ring

Riot Games X RockLove 2022: League of Legends High Noon Senna Gun, High Noon Thresh Ring, League of Legends Star Guardian Ina Stacker Rings, Star Guardian Kiko Pendant, Star Guardian Soraka Wand Pendant, Star Guardian "Hope" Locket, Star Guardian Akali Charm Bracelet, Star Guardian Kai'Sa Charm Bracelet