RockLove XV Collection and New York Comic Con

RockLove Jewelry is celebrating our 15th anniversary by refreshing some of our most iconic early jewelry designs!

The commemorative RockLove XV Collection will be launching at New York Comic Con and on Thursday, October 12th at 6am PT (please note the earlier time than our typical launches).

RockLove XV Maltese Cross Necklace - $125

The most regal of RockLove’s original designs, the 2009 Imperial Collection was inspired by pre-1900's military buttons and sovereign regalia. The Maltese Cross, also known as a Crusaders Cross, is a gothic symbol of strength and worldliness, with each equal length point representing the four cardinal elements and directions.

The original version of this necklace featured a choice of red garnet or black onyx gemstone, however for this RockLove XV commemorative edition, we have chosen a purple crystal, representing RockLove’s brand color.

RockLove XV Victorian Heart Necklace - $99

RockLove’s inaugural Victorian Collection was founder and designer Allison Cimino’s very first line launched in Fall 2007, before the RockLove brand becoming her full-time career in March 2008. The series consisted of earrings, necklaces, and bracelets created around two pendant styles: an acanthus fleur-de-lis and a swirling cutout filigree heart. Both were cast replicas of antique Victorian originals and paired with oversized or multi-stranded bundles of chains, oxidized in various grey tones, establishing RockLove’s historical-meets-rock-n-roll style.

RockLove XV Black Rose Earrings - $50

The Black Rose Earrings were one of founder and designer Allison Cimino’s most memorable pieces. First launched in 2008 and described as "rock n roll meets Victorian mourning" each set of earrings was packaged in an adorable white mint tin with a custom branded RockLove sticker, protected within a nest of burgundy crinkle paper. As a one-woman show, Allison epoxied every single rosette to its sterling silver post by balancing the blossoms face-down in small divots she had dug into a block of Styrofoam. Using a special adhesive that binds organic material to metal, she would have to ‘babysit’ the posts as the adhesive hardened, re-centering them as they would attempt to slide down the sides of the rounded rose backs.  After the earrings cured overnight, Allison would pair up the roses to make the best matches and ship them from her home studio to their new wearers.

While tedious to make, the Black Rose Earrings were one of RockLove’s earliest successes, featured in fashion magazines, worn by celebrities including Emmy Rossum and Selena Gomez, and even spotted on an episode of HBO’s True Blood.

RockLove XV Double Key Necklace - $99

Early RockLove always had a historical story to tell. A part of founder and designer Allison Cimino’s earliest Victorian Collection, the original key necklaces were sold individually and as a ‘Double Key’ variation that included both a ‘Wee Victorian Skeleton Key’ and the ‘Key to Your Heart.’ The wee key was a turn of the century replica cast from an original that opens a huge Victorian dollhouse from the 1850’s, while the other was a plain key in which Allison cut out a heart silhouette with a hand saw.

The fantasy was to one day open other Victorian treasures with the simplistically shaped keys, and from dollhouses to grandfather clocks, RockLove key-wearers around the world have been on the hunt for locks that fit ever since.

The commemorative RockLove XV Collection will be launching at New York Comic Con and on Thursday, October 12th at 6am PT (please note the earlier time than our typical launches).


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