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Robyn Warren, M.S. Ed.is a Certified Health Coach and Educator, she holds a B.S. in Physical Education, M.S. Ed. in Health Education, is a NY State certified teacher, Accredited Xpert Pole Instructor, and ACE certified Health Coach.

Robyn founded *Geek Girl Strong* (GGS) in 2015, a wellness community for those seeking a fun and inclusive holistic health coaching experience. GGS clients and classes include folks who are beginning their wellness journey or are just in need of a supportive boost, and have a common interest in all things geeky.

Aside from being RockLove Jewelry’s first (Role) Model, Robyn and GGS have partnered with Marvel, Emerald City Comic Con, New York Comic Con, and more beloved producers of geeky content to bring wellness to where the geeks are!

As of 2020 Robyn has partnered with Mischief Media to bring the podcast *Healthy Geek Academy* and Geek Girl Strong’s mission to more nerds, geeks, and “weird” athletes.

In the future Robyn hopes to continue growing the GGS community to include more kids and teens, as they are where her work as a physical and health educator began as a New York City public school teacher, and they are where the future of our society’s health resides.

Connect with Robyn Warren on *Geek Girl Strong* and on *Instagram*

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