As the brand grows, the need for modeled photoshoots has become a necessity. RockLove has always valued positive and inspiring content, so it became a question: how can we DO MORE?

While I have been making RockLove Jewelry for over a decade, our first formal modeled photoshoot was relatively recent: Marvel's Black Panther debuted in February 2018. I felt strongly that rather than professional models, this was a chance to celebrate real people who embody the character and spirit of these collections.

They are (role)models.

As with any artist, I don't want to make the same products forever.  As RockLove grows, collections come and go, making room for new exciting creations!  However our admiration and respect for our (role)models never waivers, learn more about each and follow their own journeys as they continue to create and inspire our community!

— Allison Cimino, CEO & Designer