Partner Exclusives Bungie

Designed by RockLove in official collaboration with Bungie Inc and available exclusively through the official Bungie Store and the RockLove Website.

Bungie, Inc. is an American video game developer based in Bellevue, Washington.  Established by two gamers in 1991, Microsoft acquired Bungie by 2000, and with it, their juggernaut Halo franchise. Then in 2007, Bungie split from Microsoft and became a privately held independent company while Microsoft retained ownership of the Halo intellectual property.  Partnering with Activision in 2010 and then going solo, self-publishing in 2019, Bungie has built over the years one of the most highly awarded game franchises in the industry: an online-only multiplayer first-person shooter called Destiny.

One of the most unique things about Bungie is the company's official website,, which includes company info, fan forums, statistics tracking, and a dedicated platform, Bungie Store, for company related merchandise.  They have many other projects too, including Bungie Aerospace, charitable organization the Bungie Foundation, a podcast, and online publications about gaming topics.

I began collaborating with Bungie in 2015 to handcraft custom Destiny jewelry sold exclusively in the official Bungie Store.  Since our first launch in 2016, the continued Bungie X RockLove partnership has been so monumentally popular, RockLove's creations are even chronicled on the Destiny Fan Wiki Page!

Since conception, many exciting designs have launched and retired, celebrating characters, weapons, classes, and more.  Most recently, RockLove has had the immense honor to create exclusive Bungie Reward jewelry, including two record-breaking, highly coveted and limited edition Raid Rings.

Bungie Rewards 2020 Raid Ring

The original 2020 Raid Ring was available on the Bungie Store on July 7, 2020, the day the Moments of Triumph 2020 event started in Destiny 2. Unique discount code required for purchase, which had to be earned by completing Triumphs in-game.

Bungie Rewards 2021 Vault of Glass Raid Ring

The 2021 Vault of Glass Raid Ring was available on the Bungie Store on May 4, 2021, ahead of the start of Season of the Splicer. Unique discount code required for purchase, which had to be earned by completing the Vault of Glass Raid in-game during the week of its reprisal in Destiny 2.

With many new designs coming to Bungie Store in 2022, I am thrilled to confirm that the Bungie X RockLove exclusive collaboration is going strong!

Allison Cimino
CEO & Designer of RockLove