Partner Exclusives Bethesda

Designed by RockLove in official collaboration with Bethesda and available in the US exclusively through the official Bethesda Gear Store.

I began working in collaboration with Bethesda Gear Store in 2014, much earlier in RockLove’s career. Between Bethesda Gear Store and CBS's Star Trek, I always consider it these two franchises that helped bring RockLove to the next level of licensing. I have an immense fondness for Bethesda, not only as a fan of video games like Skyrim, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect, but for the fact that they took a chance on an individual artist’s vision for a previously underdeveloped class of merchandise and an unappreciated jewelry category at a time when RockLove didn’t have the clout that we have now.

The first collection RockLove created with Bethesda Gear Store was Dragon Age, and we agreed to create a limited edition of only 150 pieces per design. Upon Dragon Age’s jewelry sell-out success, Bethesda Gear Store and RockLove collaborated on many more designs, expanding into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Mass Effect, Fallout, and more. The Sacred Amulet concept artist, Ray Lederer, to translate the artifacts of Skyrim as authentically as possible. That was a very special moment for me because in the end, Ray exchanged art: he mailed to me prints of his Amulet concept art, which are framed and hanging in my office, and I sent him an original of the jewelry, which his wife still wears to this day.

Now, six years later, collaborating again with Bethesda Gear Store feels like coming home. I get to revisit some of my favorite in-game relics while also creating all new designs!  Shop the Bethesda X RockLove collection now!

Allison Cimino
CEO & Designer of RockLove