Dre Ronayne

Dre Ronayne is a makeup artist turned influencer and model residing in Los Angeles, California. Growing up in Dre loved musicals, whether they were movies or live theater. This quickly lead her to pursue acting which she was involved in for 12 years and was nominated for her roll as the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. Her favorite musicals or characters seemed to always involve a dark theme with over the top makeup and costumes (I’m sure a few come to mind). Which turned into a passion for the creation of the characters instead of focusing on performing them. It was around this time she got involved in cosplay as well!

With her new found life goal, she set out at age 18 to attend makeup special effect school in Los Angeles. While still in school, Dre was hired as an assistant makeup artist to LipstickNick (Nicole Faulkner) on the MTV show Todrick, starring Todrick Hall. This was the starting point of her professional career which has since involved national commercials, online advertising, magazines, short films, web series, and music videos. Some actors/artists she has worked with include Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dante Basco, Allison Harvard, Meghan Trainor, Escape The Fate, Ace Frehley, Paul Stanley, Lucy Dahl, I The Mighty, Set It Off, and more! And in 2019 she was a makeup artist full time for season 2 of Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch League.

In High School, around the time she became interested in makeup, Dre also started doing photoshoots with friends centered around creating alternative outfits and makeup looks (unknown to her that this was the beginning steps to her later modeling career). She had always been interested in fashion but with a dark twist, and was greatly influenced by high fashion, hollywood glamour, her love of musical theatre, horror/spooky movies, and of course minds like Tim Burton. This came into play a few years later when, already living in LA, she started her career on YouTube focusing her videos on her alternative style and makeup transformations and gained 250k subscribers. Now she has shifted her online focus to Instagram where she has over 300k followers, showcasing her makeup creations, wardrobe styling, and modeling portfolio. She has worked with brands such as Hot Topic, Warner Bro’s, Blumhouse, 20th Century Studios, Hulu, Black Craft Cult, Unique Vintage, Hobbiton Tours, RockLove, Warner Music, Hopeless Records, Her Universe, Iz&Co, Strange Cvlt, and Foxblood, as either a model or content creator! She also played bass and backup vocals in her friend Kota Wade (The Voice season 9)’s band Future Moons (formally Bad Wolf). And Dre currently has merchandise with Hot Topic and a shoe line with Strange Cvlt.

Throughout anything Dre does, whether it’s with her makeup artistry, modeling, online content, cosplay, music, she wants to bring happiness, positivity, and advocacy for all the people who feel different or less than for anything about themselves. She continues to want to bring confidence to people through her creations, trying to bring alternative style into the mainstream, and finding a place for all us “weirdos” in a world that is still so quick to judge.

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