Wield the Magic with Doctor Strange's Eye of Agamotto

Celebrating Marvel Studios' forthcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, RockLove releases a premium Eye of Agamotto jewelry set!  Launching Tuesday, May 3 at 9am PST, exclusively on RockLove.com.

Created by the Sorcerer Supreme to contain the formidable magic of the Time Stone, the wielder of the Eye of Agamotto can manipulate time and space.  Because of its enormous power, The Eye was protected by the Masters of the Mystic Arts until it was ultimately discovered by Stephen Strange, who brandished The Eye in the protection of mankind against dark and powerful forces who would seek to destroy the known world.

Marvel X RockLove Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto Signet Ring - $85
Marvel X RockLove Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto Necklace - $150

Inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Eye of Agamotto Signet Ring and Necklace have been meticulously handcrafted in solid sterling silver in sizes perfect for daywear!  Faithful to the details of the larger original prop, every surface is intricately engraved with potent patterns and glyphs.  Brightly polished and blackened for contrast, a glowing multi-faceted peridot-hued crystal shines brightly within its domed framework.

Ring available in US Sizes 6-11.


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