RockLove's WALL-E & EVE Necklace Love is Limitless Collection

The second addition to the Pixar X RockLove line, Disney & Pixar’s WALL-E, is a testament to love without limits! Featuring two sterling silver necklaces, one for the Earth-bound WALL-E and another for his intergalactic partner EVE, the collection imbues the loveable characteristics of each smitten robot through articulated movement! EVE has moveable arms and head while WALL-E has a hinged front compartment that opens to reveal the beloved robot’s favorite Earth-find: a boot and baby plant within!

In designing these pieces, I wanted to spotlight the charm and expressiveness of these two characters, who remind us that true love can be found in the most far-flung corners of the world and among the unlikeliest of odds. Whether it’s in the starry cosmos, or your own backyard, love can always be found if you have enough heart.

We reached out to our cherished couples who appreciate each other and share their passion for Disney.  We would like to introduce you…


April Barbosa Peña & Desiree Rodriguez

April and Desiree (“Dessy,” to April) met while working at Disneyland in the fall of 2019. Dessy was a musician performing in A Musical Celebration of Coco and April worked guest control for the show. Much like WALL-E and EVE, it wasn’t quite love at first sight, but going through challenges and persevering together lead to them being inseparable. Des pulled April out of one of the darkest times in her life and showed her that happily ever after really is possible. Disney is an inextricable part of their love story, and they feel so lucky to be living out their very own fairytale after everything they’ve been through.
Find April on Instagram: @sp0radical 

Jessica McDonald & Garrett McDonald

Garrett and Jessica met fifteen years ago doing theatre together (Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing"), specifically! They of course hit it off with their love of Disney, with many post-rehearsal late night trips to Disneyland, and watching Disney movies together. For their one year dating anniversary thirteen years ago, they celebrated with their first trip together to Disney's El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood to see...WALL-E! The beautiful Pixar film with the Old Hollywood setting made for a memorable date night for this Disney couple, and one they still think fondly on!
Find Jessica on Instagram: @thehealthymouse
Find Garrett on Instagram: @garrettmakesart

Patrick Galizio & Branden Braswell

Patrick & Branden met while living in New York City in 2017. After a dinner in Chelsea, a slice of cake in Midtown, and a trip to the Times Square Disney store (all in one night), they knew it was a fairytale come true. Four years later and following a move from the Big Apple to LA, during which time Patrick was excited to become a part of RockLove’s PR representation, they now spend most of their time together at Disneyland running between the Incredicoaster and the Haunted Mansion, as well as traveling up and down the West Coast.
Find Patrick on Instagram: @patrickgalizio
Find Branden on Instagram: @branden_braswell


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