New Releases Online + Live for New York Comic Con 2022

To celebrate New York Comic Con, RockLove is releasing tons of new officially licensed designs for Pokémon, Dungeons & Dragons, Marvel and Star Wars!

Launch: October 6 - Join us live at NYCC Booth #1242 + online on

Pokémon X RockLove

New favorite characters join the handcrafted sterling silver Pokémon X RockLove collection!  Three Eevee Evolutions include Jolteon, Vaporeon, and Flareon in three-dimensional miniature.  A pair of endearing Eevee and a pair of vivacious Vulpix make for adorable earrings in playful leaping poses.  In vibrant colorful hand-painted enamel, a cheeky pair of mismatched earrings feature both of Morpeko's forms.  Sterling Snorlax will make you smile, while the Cubone pendant’s arm is articulated, allowing it to brandish its bone up and down! Finally, the most powerful Pokémon in this new nine-piece series, articulated hinges allow the Charizard pendant's curved wings to flap forward and back.

Marvel X RockLove

Handcrafted in antiqued sterling silver with tiny contrasting 14K yellow gold horned helmet, Alligator Loki free slides, comically appearing to be hanging from the chain by front claws with back legs and tail dangling.

Pair with Loki’s infamous horned helmet immortalized as a three-dimensional ring.  The polished tips of the helm and twin horns frame the knuckle, with intricate details continuing around the entirety of the slender ring band.  Just like Loki, the ring is ‘deceptive’ – while making a statement, it is quite comfortable and easy to wear.

Star Wars X RockLove

Solid sterling silver and featuring nearly one hundred glittering blue and white crystals, the Ahsoka Tano Crystal Necklace and matching Ahsoka Tano Crystal Ring depict the Togruta's unique face markings in a subtle, stylish cutout silhouette.

A ‘puffy’ silhouette polished to a mirror shine, the Padme Amidala Naboo Necklace and Earrings are inspired by the Naboo royal crest, the traditional insignia of the Naboo people.  As seen on-screen, Queen Amidala proudly incorporated the Naboo emblem throughout her and her entourage’s clothing, jewelry, and other accessories.

The Grogu Crystal Necklace, Earring, and Ring Set may be the most adorable in the galaxy!  Bezel set in polished silver and brilliant in its simplicity, cheerful green crystals represent The Child's iconic visage.

LOLA is the beloved L0-LA59 DROID companion of young LEIA ORGANA.  Ingeniously constructed, the disk-shaped droid features two hinged wing panels that can flap independently up and down!

The Leia Organa Crystal Necklace and matching Crystal Ring is inspired by Princess Leia’s legendary white gown seen on-screen in the Royal Award Ceremony.  Five large white brilliant-cut faceted cubic zirconia crystals are bezel set within polished sculpted stations, emulating the pattern on her iconic belt.

Sterling silver and 14K yellow gold, Padme Amidala Lakeside Gown Necklace and Earrings commemorate the unforgettable gown fondly known by fans as the ‘Lakeside Gown’ or ‘Lake Dress.’  Inspired by the outfit’s sculpted neckpiece and flowing silks, pearlescent white enamel and cubic zirconia crystal ombre represent this dramatic ensemble. Complement with the Padme Amidala Lakeside Wave Ring, inspired by the outfit’s sculpted arm bands.

Dungeons & Dragons X RockLove

Our second collection to join the Dungeons & Dragons X RockLove line, we celebrate some of the most memorable monsters!  Handcrafted in solid sterling silver and antiqued to accentuate the incredible detail, the Red Dragon Necklace and Red Dragon Ring are intricately sculpted from curved horn tips to wicked toothy snarl.

The Beholder Necklace and Beholder Ring are of equally frightening glory.  Ten eyestalks writhe above one central eye and a ghoulish grin filled with wickedly hooked teeth captures the essence of this infamous aberration.

The antiqued sterling silver Mimic Necklace immortalizes one of the creature’s favorite disguises, a wooden treasure chest.  The shapeshifter contains a frightful surprise – open the hinged lid to reveal a cheeky message engraved in stylized letters: Definitely not a Mimic.

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