First Reveal - First Two Kyber Crystals Launch July 13

An elegant necklace for a more civilized age. reveals the first two designs of the Star Wars X RockLove Kyber Crystal Capsule Collection and their July 13 launch date!

Read the article for more details and an in-depth exclusive interview with RockLove Jewelry CEO & Designer Allison Cimino about this exceptional new Kyber Crystal series.

Highlights from the official interview, written by Kelly Knox:

While lightsabers are works of art on their own, Cimino also found inspiration in the role they play for younglings and Padawans in the galaxy far, far away.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the fabrication of lightsabers — metal and crystals, my favorite!” she says. “There are various examples of their construction in Star Wars publications of concept art, in addition to episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In the Season 6 episode ‘The Gathering,’ Ahsoka Tano escorts a group of younglings to Ilum to undergo a Jedi rite of passage: assembling their lightsaber. Each Padawan must search for their own individual kyber crystal in the treacherous frozen caverns; the rightful crystal glows when discovered. It’s a dangerous task that requires intuition, self-awareness, courage, and trust.” 

With hilts cast in brass with polished plating and enamel details, each handmade piece captures every minute detail from the legendary laser swords. It was important to Cimino to not only pay homage to the lightsabers, but to the Jedi and Sith who wielded them.

“The Star Wars odyssey ponders the mysteries of the Force, and the constant inner battle between the light side and the dark side,” she says. “It felt appropriate to include lightsabers reflected across the spectrum.”

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