Disney X RockLove The Little Mermaid Collection is Revealed

The Disney X RockLove The Little Mermaid Collection launches Thursday, February 24 at 9am PST, exclusively on RockLove.com.

Make a splash with this playful and whimsical collection, inspired by Disney's animated classic, The Little Mermaid. The seven-piece series is an homage to Ariel's courage, reminding us that when faced with challenges, we must believe in ourselves and never give up on our dreams.

Disney X RockLove The Little Mermaid Bubble Solitaire Necklace - $125
Disney X RockLove The Little Mermaid Bubble Stud Earrings - $115
Disney X RockLove The Little Mermaid Seashell and Bubble Ring - $125
Disney X RockLove The Little Mermaid Seashell Stud Earrings - $70
Faceted opalescent Austrian crystal solitaires glitter in tones of sea foam, periwinkle, and aquamarine, surrounded by dozens of bezel-set white crystals representing the bubbles of the sea!  Paired with charming scallop seashells, this set is the perfect accessory for merfolk!

Disney X RockLove The Little Mermaid Tail Fin Pendant - $125
Disney X RockLove The Little Mermaid Tail Fin Ring - $75
Disney X RockLove The Little Mermaid Tail Fin Stud Earrings - $60

A sculpted mermaid fin ripples gracefully as if underwater.  Graceful mermaid tail fins cradle faceted crystals, their stone shapes visible through the openwork of wrapped twin tails.  Mesmerizing Austrian crystals glint with the jewel tones of the deepest ocean in rich purple, cobalt blue, and flecks of emerald green. 

Artist's Note:

“Ariel’s endearing ‘tail’ is about love and sacrifice, but in the end, she finds belonging in both worlds: land and sea,” said RockLove CEO & Designer Allison Cimino. “The bubble set features faceted opalescent crystal solitaires surrounded by dozens of white crystals bubbles – the colors and froth are lighthearted to match the ocean’s surface, where it may meet land. This is where Ariel aspires to be.  Conversely, the tail pieces represent both who Ariel is, but also the source of her dysphoria. The tails cradle and ripple around darker crystals with tones inspired by the deeper depths of the ocean, the world Ariel dreams of leaving, but also the world in which her loving family must stay. A more psychologically complex story than we may remember from childhood, I hope fans feel this collection is a fitting tribute to one of Disney’s favorite princesses.”


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