Bajoran Earring as Seen Worn On-Screen in Star Trek Picard

RockLove is excited to announce the launch of the Star Trek X RockLove Picard Bajoran Earring: Shop Now!

Shop the full Star Trek X RockLove Collection including the Kira Nerys Bajoran Cuff Earring and another Star Trek: Picard on-screen jewelry prop, the Dahj & Soji Omega Necklace worn prominently in Season 1.

Worn On-Screen

RockLove’s designer, CEO, and life-long Star Trek fan, Allison Cimino, was invited (and honored!) to work with Jeffrey Lombardi, the Prop Master of Star Trek: Picard. Created from Jeffrey’s original designs, she translates the renders into physical jewelry items worn by the actors.

RockLove’s Star Trek: Picard jewelry utilize the exact same sculpts as those made for the show.  They are a perfect match for those worn by the actors during filming!

Product Features

Known as d'ja pagh, the Bajoran earring is an elaborate earpiece traditionally worn on the right ear by the Bajoran people. Each person’s earring was unique and bore symbols of their family - historically indicating their social cast, marital status, and religious piety.

Sculpted in solid sterling silver, plated in polished genuine rose gold, with three glittering cubic zirconia crystals, as seen worn on-screen by Ro Lauren in CBS’s series Star Trek: Picard, Season 3. Featuring a single hole piercing, the stud connects with a chain to an accompanying cuff that gently attaches higher up the ear lobe.


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