All New Disney X RockLove Series - The Intaglio Collection

Introducing the all-new Disney X RockLove Intaglio Collection, launching Thursday, January 27 exclusively on

The first 3 Intaglio Necklaces are sophisticated and whimsical homages to Disney’s Beauty and the BeastCinderella, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Intricate etched designs frame and float within a thick custom cut natural white quartz crystal.

Available in both polished sterling silver and glowing 14K yellow gold overlay, these pendants are perfect for on-trend layering.

Take a closer look at the collection and learn the history of the Intaglio.

An ancient technique, intaglio (commonly pronounced ‘in-TAG-lee-o’) comes from the Italian word meaning engrave. In jewelry, an intaglio typically has a shape incised into the surface of gemstone or metal, one of the most notable styles being signet rings and fobs for practical use with wax seals.

The popularity of intaglio as ornate adornment resurfaced in the Victorian through Art Deco eras, both as semi-precious gem and as castings, with variations in the illusion of figures and picturesque scenes suspended within. Intricate floating designs enhanced by the addition of silver and gold leaf are the inspiration for this RockLove collection.

Disney X RockLove BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Enchanted Rose Intaglio Pendants

The Enchanted Rose is framed within a cloche, representing the Beauty and the Beast film’s delicate rose blossom suspended in domed glass. The pendant features a thick custom cut natural white quartz crystal, giving the illusion of depth, enclosed by a carved cloche bezel.


Disney X RockLove CINDERELLA Glass Slipper Intaglio Pendants

Cinderella’s Glass Slipper is framed within a clock face, etched with Roman numerals.  The pendant features a thick custom cut natural white quartz crystal, giving the illusion of depth, encircled by the clock bezel.


Disney X RockLove SNOW WHITE Dagger Heart Intaglio Pendants

From Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Dagger and Heart emblem of the Evil Queen’s insidious “heart” chest is framed within the lavishly carved Magic Mirror.  The pendant features a thick custom cut natural white quartz crystal, giving the illusion of depth, bound within the elaborate scrollwork of the mirror seen on-screen.


The Disney X RockLove Boutique Box

Commemorating the 2021-2022 Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration, the official emblem is included on the flocked insert. Limited Edition with gold-filled frame detailing, the official Ultimate Princess Celebration logo is available only on the Intaglio Collection Boutique Boxes purchased within 2022.

The Disney X RockLove jewelry collection arrives in a signature Disney X RockLove Boutique Box. Each of the Disney collections are designed for the true Disney collector and casual fan alike; each boutique box comes designed full of detailed storytelling inside and out, including an embossed exterior and metallic silkscreened character art inside. Vibrant colorful flocking protects your RockLove jewelry and includes a Disney X RockLove branded luxury travel pouch!