Crystal Lightsaber Ring Mania at SDCC

We had such an amazing San Diego Comic-Con! A last-minute booth location change caught us by surprise, but hopefully everyone looking was able to find us. It seemed like our new and improved location made us much easier to visit!

Our Crystal Lightsaber Collection was such a hit, with the rings selling out almost entirely on Preview Night. Due to its popularity, we are already handcrafting more, and adding extending size options as well! While a handful of sizes remain in stock across all styles, sold out sizes are available on backorder and estimated to ship in 6-8 weeks. Sizes 11, 12 and 13 have been added as pre-orders, and will ship in about 8 weeks. 

We loved seeing how everyone selected and stacked their rings! Most popular combos included Leia, Ahsoka and Rey as the Women of Star Wars, or two Ahsoka rings stacked to represent both of her lightsabers.

Order yours now to tell your Star Wars story- and look for FOUR new characters to be added this fall!

Please note: Some customers received an email notification about their pre/backorders being fulfilled. Unfortunately, if you ordered both in and out of stock items, there was a glitch in our system when we shipped the available item that marked the entire order as complete.

Be assured your place is still being held and your remaining item(s) will ship when available. Please do not hesitate to email with any specific questions or concerns about your order. 

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