2023 RockLove Staff Faves

We're rounding up the RockLove Team's favorite pieces of the year! Read on below to see which team member is your kindred jewelry spirit and feel free to share your own lists with us on social!

Yoko - Marketing Manager

As an Ahsoka super fan, RockLove blessed me in 2023. I stack two Ahsoka Crystal Lightsaber Rings as part of my everyday style and love to watch them sparkle. I enjoy pairing them with the Ahsoka Kyber Crystal, which is my go-to necklace. It's subtle enough to wear anywhere without screaming "I'M A STAR WARS FAN!" - which has its time and place, for sure, but sometimes a little subtley is preferred, a cool "if you know, you know" thing. When I DO want to scream my fandom from the rooftops, I opt for the Ahsoka Montral Collar or Silka Bead Ear Wrap. Both are incredibly unique statement pieces and guaranteed conversation starters. While my ears are pierced, I love that RockLove has such a special piece for all our non-pierced Ahsoka fans. To complete my Top 5, I couldn't single out just one of these pieces, so I cheated and chose the entire Loth-cat collection because they are just purrfection. 

Katie - Purchasing Manager

RockLove XV Maltese Cross

2023 was a year of celebration for me as a Disney superfan and RockLove team member and I have the gems to prove it! I kicked off the year “starting with a Mouse” by adding the Disney100 Crystal Mickey Mouse to my collection – I can’t help but smile wearing my all-time favorite character around my neck.⁠ The Millennium Falcon necklace is one of my favorite “sneaky” pieces to wear – I have made friends in under 12 parsecs as soon as people realize the one-and-only Falcon is around my neck. The intricate detail and crystal embellishments make it that much more fun to wear. ⁠The Moana Wave ring ombre crystals of the ocean are so sparkly and the little tiny shell riding the wave go with pretty much anything. Gives me vacation and adventure vibes all at the same time!⁠ I am so excited to see the whole The Princess and the Frog Water Lily Pearl collection bloom back into life this year! I own the whole set and wear it often – it is a great reminder of Tiana’s strength, perseverance, and optimism on a daily basis. The earrings are a great piece to wear year-round.⁠ Lastly, the RockLove XV Maltese Cross necklace rounds out the year of celebration. I feel lucky to be part of the RockLove Team and this reimagined piece from 15 years ago serves as a great marker of the foundation laid by Allison and adventures ahead as a team.


Carla - Customer Service Manager

I'm in my soft girl, coastal grandmother era, so 2023 was focused on adding feminine pieces to my collection. The Amidala Lakeside ring and Mirabel Golden Butterfly pieces are beautiful but not obviously nerdy, so it feels like I'm in on a secret. Next came florals with the refreshed RockLove XV Black Rose Earrings and the stunning Water Lily Pearl Ring (getting a second life and much deserved love after nearly three years). Finally, there's Olaf. He's just so cute, and ready to give a warm hug.  

Jeannelle - Licensing Manager

Eye of Agamotto Ring
Mace Windu Kyber Crystal Necklace
Boba Fett Helmet Ring
Darksaber Crystal Lightsaber Ring 

I’m a big fan of silver toned jewelry and love pieces that are subtle statements with intricate and unique detailing. I have many favorites in 2023 but I’m currently loving the HEARTSTEEL Earrings for punk-esque style, Mace Windu Kyber Crystal Necklace with its amazing textural details and two-toned silver, and the Eye of Agamotto ring with intricate engravings and fun pop of color from the green crystal within.

Jessica - Image Manager

Arcane Jinx Butterfly Ring
Pikachu Earrings
The Armorer Helmet Ring
Magic: The Gathering Mox Diamond 
Disney's Wish Star Earrings

Being someone who exclusively wears gold, RockLove has several of my favorite pieces. The Arcane Jinx Butterfly Ring is at the top of the list for multiple reasons, including my love of nature, and the ring looks like a butterfly resting on your finger. The Pikachu earrings have my favorite Allison-designed features, with Pikachu’s head in front and the body attached behind the ear. The Armorer Helmet Ring is on my top 5 list because it reminds me of our team, a group of passionate and powerful women. Next up would have to be the MTG Mox Diamond because of the way the spectacularly cut crystal catches the light like a disco ball; I am a sucker for a disco ball. Lastly, from our new Wish collection, the Star earrings, each with their adorable expression.



Dungeons and Dragons Displacer Beast
Disney100 Hula Stitch
Indiana Jones Ark of the Covenant Necklace
Moana Tablet Necklace
RockLove XV Fleur De Lis Pin

 In 2023, RockLove truly catered to my diverse taste. Would you guess that D&D Displacer Beast Necklace is my daily? The stalking position as it climbs up your chest perfectly encapsulates the strength and beauty of this creature. Then what better way to celebrate Disney100 than with a Hula Stitch Necklace?! This piece of history with all of its sparkling crystals detail, adds a playful touch to my collection. When it comes to fandoms, nothing feeds my adventurous and nostalgic spirit more than the Ark of the Covenant Necklace. It is so sentimental in fact, I gifted one to my dad for Father's Day last year. The whole Celestial collection had me hooked, but the Moana Tablet has layers to history and wayfinding, I couldn't resist. Lastly, the RockLove XV Fleur De Lis Pin, commemorating our brand's journey and my journey with them. It's not just a pin; it's a celebration of 15 years of remarkable artistry and innovation.

 Allison - CEO/Designer

Tiana Floral Stacker Rings

Here's a glimpse into my favorite jewelry designs of 2023 – each piece holds a special place in my heart. Collaborating with Indiana Jones, my childhood hero, was a dream come true. This necklace is not just an accessory, it's a tribute to the adventures that fueled my imagination. The entire Howl's Moving Castle collection has broken records, and we're thrilled to finally share the jewelry with the world! For me personally, bringing Calcifer along on my journeys adds a touch of magic to every adventure. Crafted with articulated doors and hidden magnets, this necklace series represents my love for storytelling. As a designer, my signature touch incorporates movement and surprises, capturing the essence of the fandom. Another collaboration with the props master of Star Trek: Picard, crafting the Bajoran Earring used on-set in Season 3 not only represents one of my earliest fandoms but also continues to be a 'pinch me' moment, allowing me to be a participant in the world-building of the Star Trek frontier. The Tiana Water Lily Stacker Ring Set is a celebration of hard work and success. Tiana's styles emerged as our best sellers of 2023, and, like the character herself, it's a reminder that dreams come true through dedication and passion.

Here's to a year filled with creativity, collaboration, and the joy of bringing cherished stories to life through jewelry!