2023 Best Sellers

Count down the year's Best Sellers with us! How many of these pieces do you already own?

Ahsoka Tano Kyber Crystal Necklace
This item is proving to be a timeless classic, just like Ahsoka herself.
The spinning Calcifer Necklace is just the first appearance from our record-breaking Howl's Moving Castle collection!
The fanciest fidget spinner around, with Eevee, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Mew, and Vulpix all represented!
Disney's The Little Mermaid (2023) Ursula Shell Necklace
Our original The Little Mermaid Locket is such a fan-favorite, we weren't sure if there would be room for this new version- but you all flipped your fins for this one too!
This bracelet has been a star since it launched five years ago in collaboration with Marvel Studios.
Indiana Jones is near and dear to Team RockLove's heart, and we were thrilled you loved this collection too- especially the Staff of Ra Necklace. 
This perennial favorite cracks our Top 5 yet again, proving that true love never dies. 
We've had a hard time keeping this entire collection in stock, with Ahsoka and Leia leading the way.

The Crystal Rings, available in both red and blue, have been our top seller of all our Howl's Moving Castle pieces. We are blown away by your love for this collection! 

The popularity of the Water Lily Pearl Ring surprised us this year, trending out of seemingly nowhere, but we're so happy this ring is getting the attention it deserves!