Viking Age Dragon Cuff
Viking Age Dragon Cuff

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Details: Found by metal detectors in Riga, Latvia.

Age: Unconfirmed
Popular style for the region suggests 10-11th century.
Zoomorphic Viking Age Wrist Torc

A torc (also spelled torq or torque) is a large rigid neck or wrist ring typically made from strands of metal twisted together. Viking age torcs are mostly open at the front (like a big C shape), however many were worn permanently, too thick and tight to remove without damaging the ornate metalwork.

A historical reproduction from the Viking Age original (which was covered in museum wax, delicately molded, and completely unharmed!) this cuff is a beautiful example of a popular Kievan Rus torc design. Hand forged and tooled, two dragon heads ("zoomorphic terminations") are accented by stamped detailing around the body of the bracelet.

Cast in solid nickle-free artisan sterling silver. Images in green are of the original relic.

To imitate the age and accentuate the pitted texture of the original, each bracelet undergoes a raw process of antiquing to make it unique - blackened patina and texture will vary.

Choose your size in the drop down bar below. Measure tightly all around your wrist and then choose the size it's meant to fit... we've already factored in wiggle room and the gap to get it on/off. Please do not try to squish the bracelets smaller if you choose the wrong size - contact us for an exchange. Cuffs are made-to-order, please allow an extra week for casting.

Signed on the inside and arrives in a stylish RockLove gift box.

Need some help figuring out your size? CLICK HERE for a scaled ruler and include your snug measurement in the comment section of checkout. Be sure to print it at 100%.

ARTIST NOTE: This type of torc was traditionally not removed - they were worn in declaration of fealty to the king or jarl or for some, gifted from their chief denoting them as an elite warrior. This particular cuff can be difficult to get on the wrist initially but then may be gently squeezed for near-permanent wear.

My fiance and I exchanged a set and have worn them for nearly a year without removal. Fealty to each other.

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