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Jasmine James of *@CutiePieSensei* is a costume designer, model, and artist based out of Atlanta, Georgia. By combining her love of gaming, comics, anime and art in general, she was able to find cosplay as the perfect outlet to unleash her creativity. Cosplaying has now become one of her biggest passions next to digital illustration, and it allows her to be creative without her hands outside of Photoshop.

With each new costume, Jasmine strives to learn something new and loves tackling the different challenges that come with each unique character; whether it is working with a material she has never used before or brushing up (literally) on her makeup skills. Jasmine recently has become known for using her illustrative skills to create custom mashup designs to further set her cosplays apart.

Jasmine lives by a motto of positivity and uses her platform to prove that anyone can cosplay whatever they want regardless of race, gender, etc. Her impact has led to collaborations and features with companies such as Riot Games, Marvel, Google, and even SyFy's 'It's a Fan Thing' campaign.

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