Marvel | RockLove DEADPOOL Katana Earrings & Necklace

The newest additions to our Marvel's Deadpool collection are inspired by Wade Wilson's iconic twin katana weapons!

Handcrafted in durable silver plated nickel-free artisan brass with black rhodium plated hilts, the Katana Earrings and Katana Necklace feature katanas with etched grips and hand painted red enamel details, including a small Deadpool logo for a vibrant pop of color.

Available now!

Marvel | RockLove DEADPOOL Katana Earrings - $85

Bold yet comfortably lightweight, the earrings hang gracefully from nickel-free French wires.

Marvel | RockLove DEADPOOL Katana Necklace - $115

The two katanas are connected in an articulated holster with a hinge that opens, allowing for one of the katanas to be 'unsheathed' and removed.

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