League of Legends X RockLove Coven Launch October 20

New League of Legends X RockLove Coven Jewelry Released

Nature-worshipping practitioners of dark magic who once served the Old Gods.  The witches seek to revive their ancient deities to bring destruction to humanity.  This piece made in collaboration with RockLove Jewelry commemorates the powers wielded by Coven Morgana!

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Handcrafted in nickel-free sterling silver, the Morgana Earring, Necklace, and Ring set are inspired by the sharp-edged power brandished by the characters of Coven.  Featuring custom cut black crystals, sculpted stud, blade, and wing silhouettes are reminiscent of the weapons and headdresses seen in-game.

Designed by RockLove in official collaboration with Riot Games and available exclusively through the official Riot Games Store and the RockLove Website.