It is Time for Adventure with the Pixar X RockLove Up Jewelry Collection

Join us on an adventure with Pixar X RockLove's newest Up Collection!  Journey forth with handcrafted sterling silver designs inspired by Carl's Balloon House, Ellie's Grape Soda Badge, the Adventure Book, and everyone's favorite talking dog, Dug! The collection takes flight on Thursday, September 22 at 9am PST on

Pixar X RockLove UP Adventure Book Locket: $175

Handcrafted in solid sterling silver, the Adventure Book Locket is beautifully sculpted on all sides, with intricate details faithful to Carl and Ellie’s photo album seen on screen. The pendant hinges open to reveal a space for you to add your very own photo, and on the facing surface are three colorful enameled balloons and the engraved reminder: Adventure is out there.

Pixar X RockLove UP Grape Soda Necklace & Earrings: $125 | $90

The sterling silver Grape Soda Necklace and Earrings set representing Carl and Ellie’s shared love of travel and adventure. Faithful to the homemade bottle cap and safety pin badge seen on screen, the pieces feature three-dimensional bottle caps with crimped edges and purple and black hand painted enamel details. Realistic looking (though non-functioning) sterling silver safety pins complete the look!

Pixar X RockLove UP Dug Necklace: $150

Squirrel! Weighty and three-dimensional in solid sterling silver, the lovable golden retriever is intricately sculpted in realistic miniature, with articulated dangling name tag engraved DUG. Antiqued for contrast, the cheerful and simple-minded good boy hangs from an adjustable sterling chain.


Pixar X RockLove UP House with Balloons Necklace & Earrings: $150 | $135

Solid sterling silver, three-dimensional and antiqued for contrast, Carl Fredricksen’s beloved house is intricately sculpted in realistic miniature, linked to an equally elaborate balloon bundle, lifting his home into the air! Red, yellow, and blue hand-painted enamel accent some of the balloons in this two-part dangling necklace and earrings set.

Pixar X RockLove Up Signature Box

The Pixar X RockLove Up jewelry collection arrives in a Pixar X RockLove Up Signature Box. Each signature box comes designed full of detailed storytelling inside and out, including fully printed custom exterior and metallic silkscreened character art inside. Soft flocking protects your RockLove jewelry and includes a Pixar X RockLove Up branded luxury travel pouch!

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