Doctor Strange Jewelry Plays with Time and Space

Doctor Strange’s power not only comes from the Eye of Agamotto, but from a myriad of ancient knowledge, mystical spells and alternate realities he studies with The Ancient One and the monks in Kamar-Taj. This Marvel X RockLove Doctor Strange Collection lets us all tap into the ways of magic, specifically with the Time Spell!

RockLove’s Doctor Strange Collection is an homage to the character AND transports the wearer into the Marvel Universe.

You can channel Doctor Strange himself or perhaps you are another disciple of The Ancient One, a sorcerer charting your own path to become a Master of the Mystical Arts!

The sigils and fractal geometry sculpted in this collection are true to those seen on-screen, glowing as the practitioner brandishes the Time Spell magic. The Time Spell Medallion dial rotates, and the Spell Ring spins, replicating Doctor Strange’s hand motions to move forward and backward in time. Perfect for a fidgeting Magician!

The pieces even include inspirations from ancient magical and alchemical tools of the trade! CEO & Designer Allison Cimino explains:

I’ve had a lifelong passion for historical jewelry techniques and have often included them in RockLove, especially in the form of mechanical articulations. An astrolabe is an ancient multi-millennia-old astronomical instrument that represents the universe and was historically used to measure altitude, time of day, identify celestial bodies, chart the tides and more. Handheld, and often worn as jewelry, they could triangulate time and location in space, which is VERY apropos for Doctor Strange!

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