Disney | RockLove Iconic Villains Collection

It’s good to be bad! In addition to their notoriously short temper, snarky remarks, and fabulously arched brows, Disney Villains share one remarkable commonality - they are iconic!

Each Iconic Villains Necklace showcases a blend of the character’s most distinctive iconography on every surface of the pendant, depicted in cutout filigree and captivating crystal pavé. 

Explore the devastatingly fashionable and downright devious Iconic Villains Collection on Thursday, September 28th at 9am PT! A limited quantity will also be available at New York Comic Con, RockLove Booth #1243.

Disney X RockLove DISNEY THE EMPERORS NEW GROOVE Yzma Iconic Villains Necklace - $125

Glittering fuchsia cubic zirconia crystals encrust the pendant’s front, featuring Yzma’s Extract of Llama potion bottle. The sides boast cutout filigree designs inspired by Incan patterns found through the throne room. However, the pendant’s unexpected hero lies at the back, humorously portraying Yzma in her cat transformation alongside Kronk’s antenna-like hat decoration.

Disney X RockLove DISNEY HERCULES Hades Iconic Villains Necklace  - $125

Gleaming aqua cubic zirconia crystals encrust the pendant’s front, featuring Hade’s skull-shaped brooch. The sides showcase intricate cutout filigree designs inspired by ancient Greek “meander” art – a pattern formed by a continuous line that weaves into a repeating motif. However, the pendant’s surprising focal point rests at the back, depicting the Mortal Potion bottle – the very potion that transforms Hercules into a half-human. This imagery is surrounded by the blazing fury of Hades’ legendary wrath.

Disney X RockLove DISNEY ALADDIN Jafar Iconic Villains Necklace  - $125

Radiant garnet cubic zirconia crystals encrust the pendant’s front, artfully capturing the iconic silhouette of the Scarab Beetle, the magical object that unveils the elusive path to the Cave of Wonders. The sides of the pendant reveal complex cutout filigree swirls, reminiscent of the patterns adorning the ethereal Magic Carpet. However, the pendant’s most entrancing feature is lies at the back – an intricately designed portrayal of filigree swirls evoking mystical smoke, gracefully encircling the cobra head from Jafar’s hypnotizing staff.

Disney X RockLove DISNEY SNOW WHITE Evil Queen Iconic Villains Necklace  - $125

Dazzling ruby cubic zirconia crystals encrust the pendant’s front, illuminating the dagger heart shape seen on the box that the Evil Queen presents to The Huntsman to contain Snow White’s heart. The sides of the pendant reveal an intricate twist pattern, drawing inspiration from the carved designs adorning the Magic Mirror. However, the pendant’s most captivating revelation awaits on the back – a cutout filigree poison apple, the unmistakable symbol intertwined with Snow White’s fateful story. 

Disney X RockLove DISNEY THE LITTLE MERMAID Ursula Iconic Villains Necklace  - $125

Luminous golden cubic zirconia crystals encrust the pendant’s front, capturing the allure of Ursula’s nautilus shell necklace. The sides of the pendant unveil an intricate filigree triton design, inspired by the aspirations of power and authority. However, the pendant’s most intriguing element emerges on the back – a beautifully crafted filigree depiction of Ursula’s iconic and mesmerizing tentacles.

Disney X RockLove DISNEY SLEEPING BEAUTY Maleficent Iconic Villains Necklace  - $125

Exquisite purple cubic zirconia crystals encrust the pendant’s front, elegantly capturing Maleficent’s horned headdress. The sides of the pendant reveal intricate filigree branches, inspired by the ominous forest of thorns that fiercely encircle her castle. However, the pendant’s most enchanting revelation is revealed on the back – a meticulous portrayal of filigree briar rose stems alongside Diablo, Maleficent’s loyal raven sidekick.

Launching Thursday, September 28th at 9am PT!

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