Disney | RockLove Encanto Collection

We are celebrating the fantastical and magical Family Madrigal in RockLove's new Encanto collection!

Enter RockLove's Casa on Thursday, November 2nd at 9am PT!

Disney X RockLove ENCANTO Casa Madrigal Necklace - $85

Handcrafted in durable artisan brass and plated in polished silver, the intricately sculpted Casa Madrigal Necklace embodies the magic of the Madrigal family’s living house. Antiqued to emphasize the incredible three dimensional detail, the reverse of the pendant is flat, engraved in festive script: Hola Casita.


Disney X RockLove ENCANTO Magic Door Necklaces - Dolores / Luisa / Bruno / Isabela - $99 each

Handcrafted in durable artisan brass and plated in warm 14K yellow gold, the craftsmanship and detail captured in the Magic Door Necklace is incredible! With tiny magnets set within to keep it closed during wear, the door swings open from its hinged doorframe to reveal wonderment beyond. Painstakingly laser engraved, the door’s swirling character artwork is accurate to that seen on-screen. On the reverse of the mystical portal, a sentimental reminder is engraved in festive script: Magic Awaits You.

Disney X RockLove ENCANTO Mirabel Golden Butterfly Necklace $135 / Ring $85 / Earrings $75 

Handcrafted in solid sterling silver and plated in a warm 14K yellow gold, magical golden butterflies symbolize love, hope, and peace. Representative of Disney’s Mirabel, the Golden Butterfly Necklace features dozens of glittering white faceted cubic zirconia crystals suspended between two lengths of adjustable 14K yellow gold plated sterling silver cable chain. The Golden Butterfly Ring is dainty and low-profile, also featuring glimmering white faceted cubic zirconia crystals, while the lightweight Golden Butterfly Earrings dangle from matching 14K yellow gold plated nickel-free sterling silver French wires.

Disney X RockLove ENCANTO Unicorn Donkey Necklace - $125

Handcrafted in solid sterling silver, the comical Unicorn Donkey from Disney’s Luisa’s fantasy song sequence becomes a charming reality! Ready to whisk you away for relaxation, the sculpted sterling Unicorn Donkey is a petite three-dimensional accent necklace. With dreamy eyes closed and a lazy grin, the amiable pendant hangs from an adjustable sterling silver cable chain with signature tag and graceful extender weight.

The magic awaits you when the Disney | RockLove Encanto Collection launches on Thursday, November 2nd at 9am PT!

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