Disney | RockLove Disney's Moana Heart of Te Fiti Abalone Locket

The Disney | RockLove Disney's Moana Heart of Te Fiti Abalone Locket is truly one-of-a-kind. A limited edition of 50 units, each locket is engraved with a unique series number between #1-#50. Additionally, each locket contains unique patterns of rainbow luster and no two will ever be alike!

Launching Thursday, April 25th at 9am PT.

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Disney | RockLove Disney's Moana Heart of Te Fiti Abalone Locket 
Limited Edition of 50 units - $365

The Heart of Te Fiti Abalone Locket is inspired by Moana’s necklace, passed down from generation to generation and gifted to her by Gramma Tala. Handcrafted in heirloom quality materials, this modern take on Moana’s cherished talisman allows the carved Heart of Te Fiti to be kept safely close to your own, while translating the design into a functional style comfortable for everyday wear.

Crafted in nickel-free sterling silver and inlaid with a mosaic of sustainable and ethically sourced genuine abalone, the locket is pristinely detailed on both the front and back, featuring the sunrise design which represents Moana’s ties to both land and sea, with stars that represent her identity as a navigator. Matching that seen on-screen and in real abalone, the front of the locket includes three small holes, each surrounded by a bezel setting of polished sterling.

With edges gilded in silver, the two concave halves of the locket open to reveal an expanse of polished sterling, within which the Heart of Te Fiti is cradled. Painstakingly carved by hand in genuine green agate, the three-dimensional gemstone is secured within the locket (a treasure too precious to risk loss!) and the necklace shuts firmly with a snap.

The locket hangs from an adjustable sterling silver loosely woven rope chain with signature tag and elegant extender weight.

Sustainable & Ethically Sourced

Abalone is one of the most famous and favorite marine creature delicacies in Eastern dishes (China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, etc), and due to its popularity, great care is put into sustainable commercial abalone farming. Once the abalone is harvested for food, the beautiful shell is leftover as waste, but due its magnificent rainbow luster, the shell has become a valuable and sought after biproduct for many industries including inlay in jewelry, high end furniture, and musical instruments.

RockLove has specifically chosen the mosaic design as it is the MOST sustainable way to utilize 100% of the abalone shell, while also allowing us to inlay around the gracefully curved edges of the rounded locket shape.

Learn more about responsibly farmed abalone certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC).


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