FIREFLY Citrine Serenity Charm Earrings

  • FIREFLY Citrine Serenity Charm Earrings

FIREFLY Citrine Serenity Charm Earrings

I've been a Firefly fan since 2004, when a classmate invited me to a 'space western' DVD marathon party... little did I know how much I would fall in love.

We all share the same moments - giggles at Capt Mal's stranded nude derriere, admiration for the cool calm Zoe, tears for Wash (it will always be too soon). We sing along with The Ballad of Serenity and name our pets Vera. We say shiny, gorram, and 'twixt my nethers' like it's common vernacular.

Firefly has always my dream license and finally the 'Verse has aligned. In exclusive partnership with our friends at ThinkGeek, we hope you love the jewelry more than Colonel Obrin loved his lip ferret.


Hand crafted in solid sterling silver, spanning 17mm tip to tail, a matching pair of petite Serenity ships takes flight. Fully three dimensional and with all her gears and nobbins, each charm points inward and is accented by a warm domed citrine gemstone.

Hangs from beaded sterling silver ear wires with an overall length a little under one inch. 

Handmade in New York City by RockLove for Firefly.

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