Celtic Spiral Necklace
Celtic Spiral Necklace

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Found by metal detector in England.

Age: Unconfirmed
Possibly circa 5th-3rd century BC.

Ancient Celtic "Proto-Money" was used as currency before the introduction of the coins. A loop was added to carry many strung together - the "suspensions" were often in the decorative shapes of wheels, axeheads, rings, or bells.

Low-value coinages of potin, a bronze alloy with high tin content, are theorized to be for "day to day" purchases, and minted in most Celtic areas of the continent prior to Roman conquest. Higher-value coinages, used in bigger trades, were minted in gold, silver, and high-quality bronze.

Suspensions may have later been traded and worn as jewelry during the Viking Age and are still being discovered in Viking hoards.

A historical reproduction from the Ancient original (which was covered in museum wax, delicately molded, and completely unharmed!) the solid sterling silver Spiral has been oxidized for contrast. To imitate the age and accentuate the pitted texture of the original, each Spiral undergoes a raw process of antiquing to make it unique - blackened patina and texture will vary.

About one inch in diameter and hangs from an unisex 20 inch sterling woven chain with lobster closure. Also available in a longer 24 inches - use the drop down menu above.

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