Guardian Trim Bracelet
Guardian Trim Bracelet

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Fiercely defensive of young, the Guardian is brave and protective.
Massive in size and physical power, Guardian represents confidence and victory.
Prefering peace and tranquility, Guardian calls for harmony and balance... but can also be a bit lazy.

The Northbound Bracelets fuse a variety of Arctic influences; a celebration of northernmost Inuit cultures. From First Nation to Saami to Kalaallit, totem animals have represented family and lineage - an emblematic reminder of ancestry and mythic past.

Tablet weaving (also called card weaving) was a common technique used in the Viking Age to craft the colorful intricate trims that accented a garment. Woven on an Oseberg style loom, this trim has been hand crafted special for RockLove, therefore supporting not one but TWO independent artists.

The hand-carved sterling totem animal clasp has a hidden hook underneath for a flat sleek fit. 80% Superfine Alpaca and 20% Silk blends for a rugged aesthetic while being soft and comfortable on the skin. Depending on color, the thread is vegetable dyed or completely natural for historical authenticity.

Trim is a half inch wide and overall two-part silver clasp spans one and a half inches. Average 12 grams. Choose your size in the drop down bar.

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