Companion Trim Bracelet
Companion Trim Bracelet

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Deeply devoted to the pack, Companion is loyal and noble.
Social and gregarious, Companion is a good communicator.
Curious and quick to employ strategy, Companion represents cunning and intelligence.

The Northbound Bracelets fuse a variety of Arctic influences; a celebration of northernmost Inuit cultures. From First Nation to Saami to Kalaallit, totem animals have represented family and lineage - an emblematic reminder of ancestry and mythic past.

Tablet weaving (also called card weaving) was a common technique used in the Viking Age to craft the colorful intricate trims that accented a garment. Woven on an Oseberg style loom, this trim has been hand crafted special for RockLove, therefore supporting not one but TWO independent artists.

The hand-carved sterling totem animal clasp has a hidden hook underneath for a flat sleek fit. 80% Superfine Alpaca and 20% Silk blends for a rugged aesthetic while being soft and comfortable on the skin. Depending on color, the thread is vegetable dyed or completely natural for historical authenticity.

Trim is a half inch wide and overall two-part silver clasp spans one and a half inches. Average 10 grams. Choose your size in the drop down bar.

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