Penny Dreadful

PENNY DREADFUL Little Scorpion Charm
PENNY DREADFUL Little Scorpion Charm

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We have spent time in the land of scorpions, and we have to say, they freak us the heck out. It's not just the pincers and stingers and the fact that they're poisonous. It's the fact that they've been on this planet for so much longer than humans and with their gift of slowed metabolism they're likely to be here so much longer after us. They're better at this than we are.

We know Vanessa Ives is our heroine in Penny Dreadful, so we're trying to come to terms with her totem creature. Maybe if we wore it around? This sterling silver charm, which RockLove created exclusively for ThinkGeek, features a blackened scorpion cradling a red enamel heart.

Handmade in New York City by RockLove exclusively for Penny Dreadful.

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