FIREFLY Evil Laugh Necklace
FIREFLY Evil Laugh Necklace

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Details: I've been a Firefly fan since 2004, when a classmate invited me to a 'space western' DVD marathon party... little did I know how much I would fall in love.

We all share the same moments - giggles at Capt Mal's stranded nude derriere, admiration for the cool calm Zoe, tears for Wash (it will always be too soon). We sing along with The Ballad of Serenity and name our pets Vera. We say shiny, gorram, and 'twixt my nethers' like it's common vernacular.

Firefly has always my dream license and finally the 'Verse has aligned. In exclusive partnership with our friends at ThinkGeek, we hope you love the jewelry more than Colonel Obrin loved his lip ferret.


Hand crafted in solid sterling silver, this is one of the most hilarious pieces RockLove has made to date. Hopefully you'll all share my sense of humor.

Over 20mm tall, Wash's toy dinosaur is ready for inevitable betrayal. Fully three dimensional and highly detailed, this Ceratosaurus (I swear, that's what it is, I had to figure it out in order to create one in miniature) is oxidized and repolished for maximum detail and can really stand. Paired with the quote 'mine is an Evil Laugh' engraved on a sterling silver 15mm diameter charm.

Hangs from a 20 inch nickle-free sterling silver rounded box chain with spring ring closure. Arrives in a Firefly gift box with branded authenticity card.

Handmade in New York City by RockLove in official collaboration with Firefly.

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