DESTINY Iron Lords Sigil
DESTINY Iron Lords Sigil

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With this beautiful pendant, a true Iron Lord can wear their sigil right around their neck. Adorn yourself with honor and bravery. This is all the armor you need to make your way in the world.

Cast in solid brass, the Lord of Iron Sigil has a unique verdigris finish - every piece is completely unique. To accentuate the emblem's details, each pendant is first antiqued, then exposed to a natural aging process in which the metal oxidizes an array of green-blue. Polished a third time, the raised surfaces glow with the warmth of the brass while the recesses retain their weathered texture.

Please note that these Sigils are highly unique - your verdigris will differ slightly from the sample photographed but will be equally beautiful. Avoid excessive moisture, since the pendant, like a bronze sculpture in the rain, will age further if saturated.

Handmade in New York City by RockLove with inspiration and official collaboration with Bungie.

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