Black Panther

Black Panther Kimoyo Bracelet - Collector\'s Edition
Black Panther Kimoyo Bracelet - Collector's Edition

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Details: Premium Collector's Edition screen-accurate bracelet with silver Wakandan glyphs & Glow-in-the-Dark Prime Bead, as seen on Marvel Studios' Black Panther.

This is the version most similar to the Brisk VIP Limited Edition Kimoyo Bracelet - though please note that it does not come with the VIP Box or gemstone. It is the exact same size, weight, and finish, with a glow-in-the-dark enameled Prime Bead core.

Kimoyo Beads are pieces of advanced communication technology adapted by the Wakandans from vibranium. The Prime Bead provides a lifetime worth of medical knowledge and is given to the individual at birth. Additional beads are added, serving various digital purposes.

"Kimoyo" is Bantu for "of the Spirit."

Luxurious and statement, the Premium Kimoyo Bracelet is cast in solid metal and plated with a gunmetal rhodium in soft satin finish. Each etched sigil is hand painted with silver enamel, and features a blue glow-in-the-dark textured Prime Bead. Strung on thick black elastic cord, this Collector's Edition version is a weighty 8 ounces.

Available in two UNISEX sizes:
Small (5 to 6 inch wrist = 11 beads)
Large (7 to 8 inch wrist = 12 beads)

Designed by RockLove for Marvel's Black Panther.
(c) 2018 MARVEL

As the maker of this bracelet, note that if you're finding it on Amazon or eBay WITHOUT a wait time, it's a knock-off. Getting word about customers buying third party bracelets from sites using real RockLove product images... but the silver wears off and the Prime Bead doesn't glow. These are not official Marvel Kimoyo Bracelets and I cannot attest for their quality. If you can - please order direct from RockLove, Disney, Marvel, Fandango, Box Lunch - only a real licensed retailer - to ensure yours are the screen-accurate RockLove Kimoyo!

Model: Robyn Warren
Cosplayer and Fitness Instructor of Geek Girl Strong

Photographer: Phil Provencio

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