Alchemy Signet Ring
Alchemy Signet Ring

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It wouldn't be a piece of RockLove if it didn't contain a complex historical inspiration. In this case, the combination of 13th century alchemaic symbols to produce a glyph (a new symbol with its own power/meaning when written).

Ready for the delightful Medieval Geekery? The symbol for "copper" overlapping the symbol for "silver" creates this icon... and when a metallurgist amalgamates 7.5% copper with 92.5% silver, the alloy becomes... STERLING SILVER.

So yes, this is a sterling silver ring depicting the alchemy glyph of "sterling silver"... made by a silversmith.

Hefty solid sterling signet ring has a 20mm round carved face, and can be used with a wax stick to make countless seals.

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