Aurora Medallion - Labradorite
Aurora Medallion - Labradorite

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Details: An inukshuk is a man-made stone structure used by the various people of the Inuit, Inupiat, Kalaallit, Yupik, and other peoples of the Arctic region. In the northern tundra, where there were few natural landmarks, these cairns have been used from Alaska to Greenland - for navigation and to mark sacred spaces, hunting territory, food caches, fishing holes, camps, etc.

Hand crafted in solid sterling silver, spanning one inch in diameter, each pendant is set with a unique 16mm labradorite gemstone. Like the Aurora Borealis flitting across the Northern night sky, a labradorite's color varies from the deepest green and blue flash to the tease of orange and red. Due to the unique nature of the stones, the Aurora Medallion is limited edition; each pendant is one-of-a-kind. Your stone will vary but be equally beautiful.

Surrounding the flickering colors of the Northern Lights are mountains, moon, and spruce trees, with a petite inukshuk to guide the way.

On the reverse, cutout so the stone may peek through, is an engraved Vegvisir (Icelandic 'sign post')... a mystical Norse charm to help the bearer find their way home through rough weather.

Hangs from a sterling silver chain in your choice of length - please use the drop down menu above.

Arrives in a stylish RockLove gift box.

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